lunedì, luglio 21, 2008

_breaking news: Karadžić arrested

il lancio di BetaNews è di qualche minuto fa, ne riporto la traduzione inglese offerta da B92:

Radovan Karadžić arrested
21 July 2008 | 23:30 | Source: Beta

BELGRADE -- Hague Tribunal's war crimes indictee Radovan Karadžić has been arrested, Beta news agency reports.

According to the agency, the announcement came this evening from Serbia's Council for National Security.

The raid was conducted by the Serbian security forces and the war-time leader of the Bosnian Serbs has been taken to a judge with the War Crimes Court in Belgrade.

However, the location and time of Karadžić's arrest, as well as other details remain unknown at this point.

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